Ex-member of Anonymous Reveals Himself

Ex-member of Anonymous Reveals Himself

Remember Anonymous, the group that's garnered media attention recently for its high profile attacks on websites and its anti-security (AntiSec) views? As reported by CNET News, an ex-Anonymous member has revealed his identity, and explained why he left the hacker group.

Previously known only by his handle "SparkyBlaze", he's come forth and revealed himself as an UK-based resident called Matthew.

On Pastebin, he posted why he quit Anonymous:

So When I Started With Anon I Thought I Was Helping People But Over The Past Few Months Things Inside Anon Have Changed. I Am Mostly Talking About AntiSec And LulzSec. They Both Go Against What I Stand For (And What Anonymous Says They Stand For). AntiSec Has Released Gig After Gig Of Innocent Peoples Information. For What? What Did They Do? Does Anon Have The Right To Remove The Anonymity Of Innocent People? They Are Always Talking About Peoples Right To Remain Anonymous So Why Are They Removing That Right?

According to CNET News, SparkBlaze's defection has made some minor waves within the hacker group. A post by Commander X (purported to have led a number of recent attacks) suggests that SparkyBlaze should be considered persona non grata, due to his "insubordination" and "disrespect" to both the Peoples Liberation Front and Anonymous.

When Matthew/SparkBlaze was pressed for examples of what he is and isn't proud of when he was at Anonymous, he said that he is proud of his involvement in the attacks on sites ran by the Iran government, but not so proud of being involved in the Sony attack.

Source: CNET News

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