Evernote Android Update Includes Customizable Widget

Evernote Android Update includes Customizable Widget

It's getting harder to see physical notepads anymore as even note-taking has gone the digital route. One of the more popular apps for that, Evernote, has just gotten an update for its Android app and Android widget app (which is a separate download from the Google Play Store).

A new feature in the Evernote app includes speech to text transcription, which will also retain the original audio recording. There's one caveat though, this feature is only available for devices sporting Android 4.0 (a.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich).

The update for the widget app lets users customize the color and buttons of the widget, and even allows users to select the notes that the widget will display. The update also features a Quick Snapshot function, which lets users capture a photograph and automatically saves it to their account with an auto-generated title.

Source: Evernote blog

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