Europe to Get Panasonic Android Smartphones Next Spring

Europe to Get Panasonic Android Smartphones Next Spring

The possibility of Panasonic smartphones hitting our local shores is a rather bleak one for now, but the same cannot be said for Europe. The company first made its move known by seeking a PR agency to assist in the launch of its smartphone in the UK and five other European countries. And it has been confirmed: Panasonic will be bringing its Android smartphones to European countries next spring as part of its plans to venture into global markets (North America and Asia) with an aim to sell 7.5 million mobile phones abroad in fiscal 2015. These phones will be assembled at a group factory in Southeast Asia or by an electronics manufacturing service, Reuters reports.

This will be Panasonic's second venture into Europe; the electronics juggernaut withdrew from both Europe and China in 2005 because "of stiff price competition and other factors".

Source: Reuters via GSMArena

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