Epson Unveils EB-450Wi Short-Throw Projector

Epson Unveils EB-450Wi Short-Throw Projector

Singapore, 3 June 2010 – Epson, the top projector maker of the decade, has unveiled Epson EB-450Wi, an intelligent and interactive ultra-short throw projector that allows presenters to conveniently transform any surface into an interactive learning and presentation area. This innovative and high-performance projector delivers a cost-effective and interactive solution that opens a new world of installation and presentation versatility.

The Epson EB-450Wi is the choice projector that caters to a variety of room sizes. It can be mounted just 7cm from the wall for projection in small classrooms and meeting rooms, or a mere 48cm away for a projected image as large as 80 inches diagonally for bigger venues. The ultra-short throw capability of the new Epson EB-450Wi projector also means that common problems like eye glare and shadow interference during presentations are eliminated.

The Epson EB-450Wi projector can project onto any existing whiteboard, empty wall, or smooth surface for interactive presentations and, thus, eliminates the need to purchase and install cumbersome interactive whiteboards. Epson EB-450Wi projector is accompanied by the digital infrared pen, which enables users to “write on the projection” in “virtual ink”, manipulate on-screen elements and interactive features, or control computers as a mouse.

“We believe the Epson EB-450Wi ultra-short throw interactive projector is the future of learning and presentation technology,” says Tan May Lin, General Manager of Epson Singapore. “Its innovative capabilities, power-packed features and cost competitiveness present a compelling offering that will meet the needs of both the education and business communities, as well as enhance learning and presentation experiences. At Epson, we constantly strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with new products and solutions that offer infinite new possibilities.”

Other key features of the Epson EB-450Wi projector include:

Superior Image Reproduction with 3LCD Technology – Epson’s proprietary 3LCD technology offers full-time colour projection with three separate LCD panels (Red, Green and Blue), thus ensuring smooth projection of image without colour breakup (commonly known as rainbow effect), distorted image patterns and visual fatigue, making it ideal for usage in corporate and classroom environments. The three-chip engine also delivers incredibly bright images and accurate colours that give a touch of realism in every image depicted. The success and reliability of the 3LCD technology has been marked by the milestone of 60 million 3LCD chips shipped to date

Simplified Network Monitoring and Control – RJ-45 wired LAN connectivity for remote monitoring and control via an IT network helps saves time and money, regardless of the physical location of the projector.

Multiple Connectivity Options – The Epson EB-450Wi projector allows user to choose from a wider range of connectivity options – VGA, USB, LAN, or a wireless USB connection, making it easy and convenient to set up.

Integrated Speaker – Through its integrated 10-watt speakers, users can play sound from video or animated presentations without the hassle of connecting to external speakers.

Extended Lamp Life – Using Epson’s exclusive E-TORL lamp technology, the projector’s lamp life can last up to 3,500 hours in economy mode.

Price & Availability of the Epson EB-450Wi projector

The Epson EB-450Wi projector will be available at all authorized distributors at a recommended price of SGD$3,388.00. For a list of authorised distributors, please visit 

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