Epson Launches Projectors Including World's Slimmest Epson EB-1700 Series

Key Features & Specifications of EB-5000 Series

Key Features of Epson High-Powered EB-G5000 Series

Image Quality Enhancing Features for Epson EB-G5000 Series:

Brilliant Images with 3LCD Technology – The proprietary Epson 3LCD technology used by the new projectors enable distinctly sharper and clearer projections. All Epson projectors including these new models use the Epson proprietary 3-chip, solid-state 3LCD optical engine, in which each LCD chip is dedicated to processing one of the primary colours: red, green and blue. Colour Light Output (CLO) of 3LCD projectors is equally as high as the white light output. The result is incredibly bright, true-to-life accurate colour reproduction and an astonishing level of realism with every viewing. Projections are easy on the viewers’ eyes as they will not be affected by colour shifts that cause viewing fatigue.

Crystal Clear Fine (C2FINE) Technology – Epson's proprietary C2Fine technology was previously only used in Epson home cinema projectors to minimize polarized light leakages and increase contrast ratio. Now, it is used in the new Epson EB-G5000 series to deliver high contrast and flawless picture quality, especially for video presentations in auditoriums.

Improved Colour Management – The Epson colour management system allows users to adjust the colours in various modes, achieving perfect balance between brightness and colour quality. In addition, image customization features are also available where users can adjust the settings for the exact colour balance and sharpness to suit their application.

Advanced sharpness – The new EB-G5000 series allows users to enhance the sharpness of the output by adjusting the vertical/ horizontal lines and thin/ thick lines on the images. This is one of the image enhancement features adapted from high-end home theatre projectors.

Interactive Features for Epson EB-G5000 Series:

Split Screen Function – The split screen function allows users to project from two different sources and display the output side by side on the same screen. This is particularly useful for video conferences where images of presentation materials and remote participants can be shown on the screen simultaneously.

Multi-PC Projection Feature – The Epson EB-G5000 series comes with a new "Epson EasyMP Multi PC Projection" freeware which allows up to 16 computers to be connected to one projector on the network so that up to four of the computer screens can be projected on the same screen at any one time, enabling users to compare and analyze data simultaneously on the same screen from various sources.

Optional wireless function – The Epson EB-G5000 series allows users to set up wireless connections by simply inserting a wireless USB key into the computer, without going through complicated settings.

User-Friendly Features for Epson EB-G5000 Series:

Horizontal and Vertical Lens Shift – The lens shift feature allows users to have greater versatility in placement of the projector and its screen, especially in places where space is a constraint. It allows users place the projector off centre and adjust the lens horizontally or vertically to a project onto the screen.

Large Variety of Lens Options – The Epson EB-G5000 series comes with a standard 1.8 zoom lens that is capable of projecting large screen sizes of up to 300 inches. Additionally, Epson also offers a variety of optional lenses for rear projection, middle throw and long throw if necessary.

Epson Easy MP Monitor - With this network monitoring and control software, the projectors can be monitored centrally from one PC. This is especially ideal for schools and companies with multiple projectors installed in different rooms as they can be configured to send email alerts remotely for pre-defined indicators, such as breakdown of devices or overheated lamps, without needing to do manual inspections.

Key Product Specifications of Epson High-Powered EB-G5000 series
  EB-G5650W EB-G5750WU EB-G5950
Epson's 3LCD technology for equally high
white and Colour Light Output

4,500 lumens
5,200 lumens
WUXGA resolution for wide-screen images
exceeding Full HD quality
High contrast ratio for deeper blacks 2000:1 1500:1 2000:1
Images and sound with HDMI output Yes Yes Yes
60 frames per second with 1080/24fps processing - Yes Yes
Easy MP Network Presentation software:
Connect 16 computers to one projector;
display content on four PC screens
simultaneously; split screen function, show
oversized images on multiple screens
Yes Yes Yes
Fast, effortless Wi-Fi connection in just
three clicks
Yes Yes Yes
Centrally positioned lens; flexible lens shift
function for vertical and horizontal
movement; 1.8 zoom ratio with the
standard lens
Yes Yes Yes
Network management Yes Yes Yes
C2 Fine Inorganic LCD panel Yes Yes Yes
Display medical images with a dedicated
DICOM simulation mode
Yes Yes Yes
Environmentally-friendly: coating-free body
(except front face and lens area); no
Halogen materials in main body; recycled
packaging; improved light efficiency; lower
power consumption on standby
Yes Yes Yes
7w integrated speaker Yes Yes Yes
Pricing $3,999.00 $4,999.00 $6,999.00
Availability 20 Jan 2011


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