Epson Launches Projectors Including World's Slimmest Epson EB-1700 Series

Key Features & Specifications of EB-1700 Series

Key Features of Epson Ultra-Portable EB-1700 Series

Brilliant Images with 3LCD Technology – The proprietary Epson 3LCD technology used by the new projectors enable distinctly sharper and clearer projections. All Epson projectors including these new models use the Epson proprietary 3-chip, solid-state 3LCD optical engine, in which each LCD chip is dedicated to processing one of the primary colours: red, green and blue. Colour Light Output (CLO) of 3LCD projectors is equally as high as the white light output. The result is incredibly bright, true-to-life accurate colour reproduction and an astonishing level of realism with every viewing. Projections are easy on the viewers' eyes as they will not be affected by colour shifts that cause viewing fatigue.

802.11n High-Speed Wireless LAN Connectivity (standard on EB-1775W, and optional on the EB- 1770W and EB-1760W) – provides freedom from cables. An ad-hoc wireless network can be easily set up between the projectors and a notebook or PC. Once connected via the Easy MP Network Projection software, the projectors also offer a host of enhanced features including multi-screen display, providing the ability to connect up to four projectors from a single computer. And with the optional Quick Wireless Connection key, getting connected couldn’t be easier.

Short Throw, Widescreen Projections - Large images can be projected even when space is limited. A 60-inch image can be achieved when the projectors are only 1.35 metres (4.4 feet) from the screen. The projectors also boast a 1280 x 800 (WXGA) widescreen resolution (all except EB-1750) that is perfectly matched to widescreen displays now found on most notebooks, so users need not change resolution.

USB Direct Display - With the USB Direct Display feature, users of the new projectors can now do away with the usual, bulky VGA cable as they are able to accept images and even audio from a Windows or Mac PC through a USB cable. They can even play JPEG images as a slideshow from inserted USB memory devices without a PC. In addition, bundled Epson software automatically converts Microsoft PowerPoint slides to enable PC free, multi-media presentations which can be shown directly from a USB memory device too.

HDMI Connectivity (available on all except EB-1750) – The new projectors have a built-in HDMI input terminal, optimized for the display of quality high definition content such as movies and high resolution photographs from devices that offer HDMI output.

Front Facing Exhaust – The exhaust vents of these new projectors are located at the front of the projector, so audiences seated to the sides and rear of the projector will not be affected by the exhaust.

Quick Startup and Instant Off – The projectors can start up within 5 seconds and can be turned off instantly. These capabilities help users save on both the waiting time for starting presentations as well as the usual cool down time required by other projectors.

Mute Slide Lens Shutter – The lens shutter found on the projectors serves as a handy 'mute' function that will allow the user to turn the projector lamp off temporarily in the midst of their presentation. The projector can be turned back on instantly by sliding the lens shutter open again.

Integrated Speaker – Using the integrated speakers of these new projectors, users can now play video or/and animated presentations without needing to connect to external speakers.

Auto Keystone Correction – With Auto Keystone Correction, the projectors are able to automatically detect and correct distortions caused by the image being projected from an angle within a second. All the new models have auto vertical keystone correction and the Epson EB-1775W also has auto horizontal keystone correction.

One Button Screen Fit (available only on the EB-1775W) - Operated with a dedicated button, the exclusive Screen Fit function also ensures that projections fit perfectly onto any projection screen with a black frame, so images are always straight and distortion-free in seconds.

Long Lasting Lamp – The high performance lamp used in all models has a very long life of 4000 hours (in eco and standard mode), helping users to save time and cost by avoiding frequent lamp replacements.

Eco Features:

  • Equipped with long lasting lamps, engineered to save users cost.
  • Only 0.44W of power consumption in standby mode.
  • Unpainted plastic housing reduces environmental impact.
  • Flame retardants used in plastic housing contain no chlorine or bromine-containing halogen.


Key Product Specifications of Epson Ultra-Portable EB-1700 Series
  Epson EB-1750 Epson EB-1760W Epson EB-1770W Epson EB-1775W
Resolution 1027 x 768 (XVGA / 4:3 aspect ratio) 1280 x 800 (WXGA / 16:10 aspect ratio)
Screen Size 30 to 300-inch
[0.72 to 7.3 m]
(Zoom: Wide)
30 to 300-inch
[0.67 to 6.81 m]
(Zoom: Wide)
30 to 300-inch
[0.80 to 8.18 m]
(Zoom: Tele)
Contrast Ratio 2,000:1
Brightness 2,600 lumens 3,000 lumens
Colour Light Output 2,600 lumens 3,000 lumens
Auto Keystone Correction Vertical Vertical and horizontal
Wireless LAN Not applicable Optional 802.11b/g/n – infrastructure
and ad-hoc modes supported
Start-up time Approximately 5 seconds
Cool-down time Instant off
Power consumption 220 – 240 V: 203 to 278W
(low to high brightness) / 0.44W
(Stand by)
220 – 240 V: 203 to 304W
(low to high brightness) / 0.44W
(Stand by)
Dimensions 292 x 210 x 44mm
Weight 1.66kg 1.68kg 1.71kg
Price $1,599.00 $1,749.00 $1,949.00 $2,149.00
Availability 20 Jan 2011


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