Epson Launches Projectors Including World's Slimmest Epson EB-1700 Series

Epson Launches Projectors Including World's Slimmest Epson EB-1700 series

Epson has launched a range of business projectors and peripherals targeted at both businesses and educational entities. The new projectors, comprising the world's slimmest Epson EB-1700 series and the high-powered Epson G-5000 series amongst others, stay true to Epson's commitment to innovation by combining both form and substance to deliver outstanding performance.

Using industry-leading 3LCD technology, the Epson projectors deliver colour brilliance that bring multimedia presentation to life. Designed to offer key features such as outstanding mobility, high-quality image performance and interactive features, the new suite answer the needs of consumers, particularly those in the business and education communities.

Epson Ultra-Portable EB-1700 Series - World’s Slimmest, High-Performance 3LCD Projectors

Designed for mobile professionals, the Epson EB-1750, EB-1760W, EB-1770W and EB-1775W are the slimmest, high-performance 3LCD portable projectors in the world.

The new projectors weigh only about 1.7kg and feature a super-slim chassis with a height of just 44mm (height of a credit card), enabling them to slip easily into a laptop bag. Besides outstanding mobility, the projectors, featuring Epson’s 3LCD technology, deliver class-leading brightness (among other portable projectors) of up to 3,000 lumens White and Colour Light Output (CLO). This enables them to be used in even the brightest of rooms to project images with bright and vibrant colours.

The projectors also come with a wide range of features that includes wireless connectivity, quick startup and instant shut down, automatic keystone correction, and one button screen fit.

The Epson Ultra-Portable EB-1700 Series will be available at all authorized distributors from 20 Jan 2011 at the following prices (with GST):

  • Epson EB-1750 - SGD$1,599.00
  • Epson EB-1760W - SGD$1,749.00
  • Epson EB-1770W - SGD$1,949.00
  • Epson EB-1775W - SGD$2,149.00

Epson High-Powered EB-5000 Series – Multimedia Projectors with High Performance and Great Versatility

The Epson High-Powered EB-G5000 Multimedia Projector Series – Epson B-G5650W / EBG5750WU / EB-G5950 – offers users a wide range of choices with outstanding performance in terms of projection quality, brightness and interactive features.

The new projectors are highly suitable for users in corporate, higher education and government sectors, as they offer excellent brightness ratings of 4,500 lumens to 5,200 lumens (White and Colour Light Output), which is ideal for installation in large auditoriums or lecture halls. With high-definition resolution of up to WUXGA (1920 X 1200, that is higher than Full HD!), the projectors are able to display clear, quality images ideal for applications in simulations, museums, galleries, cinemas as well as medical environments.

Other key features of the Epson High-Powered EB-G5000 multimedia projector series include high contrast and flawless picture quality with Crystal Clear Fine (C2 FINE) Technology, improved colour management, advanced sharpness and wireless connectivity.

The Epson High-Powered EB-G5000 Multimedia Projector Series will be available at all authorised distributors from 20 Jan 2011 at the following prices (with GST):

  • Epson EB-G5650W – SGD$3,999.00
  • Epson EB-G5750WU – SGD$4,999.00
  • Epson EB-G5950 – SGD$6,999.00

Other Exciting New Business Projectors and Peripherals by Epson

  • Epson S10/X10/W10 Series – Highly affordable, entry-level business projectors that deliver excellent performance and value, making them ideal for a wide range of applications from business presentations to education and even home entertainment.
  • Epson EB-95/96W/905/915W/925 Series – The rich connectivity options of the EB-9 series make it highly versatile and easy to integrate with other devices for presentations at schools or boardrooms, enabling users to have greater control and flexibility over their presentations.
  • Epson EH-455Wi – An enhanced model to EB-450Wi, the EB-455Wi is an intelligent, interactive, ultra-short throw projector that allows teachers and business presenters to conveniently turn any standard whiteboard or smooth surfaces into an interactive learning and presentation area. The Epson EB-455Wi expands on the features of EB-450Wi by introducing a new capability of vertically projecting an interactive surface onto a tabletop, expanding the possibilities for interactive presentations.
  • Epson ELPIU01 – Working together with any conventional projector, the Epson ELPIU01, comprising an interactive pen and an infrared receiver unit, conveniently turns any standard whiteboard or smooth wall into an interactive learning and presentation area. The Epson ELPIU01 is an ideal solution for schools and businesses seeking to enter the world of interactivity on a budget, or for those looking to trial interactivity before deciding on a broad interactive infrastructure investment.
  • Epson ELPDC06 and ELPDC11 – The Epson ELPDC06 portable document camera and the ELPDC11 high performance desktop document camera designed to work with projectors to help presenters expand their presentation options by projecting live videos of desktop items that can include hard copy documents or live demonstrations.

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