Encyclopaedia Britannica Bids Adieu to Hard Copy

Encyclopaedia Britannica Bids Adieu to Hard Copy

Once upon a time long ago, people had to manually look up information. They had to go to pick up a hard copy of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, consult the index and then had to scan to find the relevant information. The sun has now finally set on those days. Encyclopaedia Britannica has announced that the 2010 edition will be the last one issued as a hard copy. A new tome was published every two years.

With Google and Wikipedia offering instantaneous results and extreme ease of use, the decision from Encyclopaedia Britannica is not surprising. Getting rid of the hassle of designing, printing and distributing the hard copies will allow the company to devote its resources on finding ways to move forward. Encyclopaedia Britannica already offers subscription to its resources online for computers and smartphones.

Only 4000 copies of the Encyclopaedia Britannica 2010 remain to be sold. So if you want a piece of history to show your grandchildren after paper finally becomes obsolete, now would be the time to order a copy.

Source: ABC News via Arstechnica

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