The Empire Strikes Back, Megaupload Taken Down

The Empire Strikes Back, Megaupload Taken Down

We have been following the developments and events surrounding SOPA and PIPA for a while now. Recently we reported about the 12 hour blackout of Wikipedia to raise awareness about the matter and the results the measures had. While the proposed legislature might have been slowed, it seems the US Department of Justice and all concerned parties still remain deadly serious about stamping out piracy in the strongest possible terms.

The Feds have taken down popular "cyber-locker" website Megaupload, accused it of costing copyright holders US$500 million and arrested founder Kim Dotcom along with three other employees. Looks like even the personal endorsement of musicians and artists such as Kanye West, Alicia Keys and many others was not enough to save Megaupload.

In return for the take down of Megaupload, "hacktivist" group Anonymous has already fired back retaliatory salvos in the form of taking down the websites for the US Department of Justice, US Copyright Office, MPAA and Universal Music Group. As of writing this article Megaupload still remains inaccessible. Looks like the war for who controls the internet has just begun.

Source: Techland

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