Edimax's USB Adapter and Broadband Router Wins Award

Edimax's USB Adapter and Broadband Router Wins Award

EDIMAX Technology is proud to announce that the EW-7811Un 150 Mbps Wireless Nano USB Adapter and the BR-6258n 150Mbps Wirelss Broadband Nano Router have won the 2011 Taiwan Excellence Award. EDIMAX networking products are innovative and superior in terms of performance, quality, and design; and the products that have been honoured with the 2011 Taiwan Excellence Award this year are the greates testimony to the design, quality, and performance of EDIMAX networking products.

EW-7811Un 150Mbps Wireless Nano USB Adapter

The EW-7811Un 150Mbps Wireless Nano USB Adapter is the smallest and most stylish 802.1n USB adapter on the market today. Despite its size, this tiny USB adapter can achieve data rates of up to 150Mbps when connected to 802.11n network devices. It also covers a signal range up to 6 times larger than conventional 802.11g adapters. Besides the Taiwan Excellence Award, the EW-7811Un has received multiple other awards around the world for its price, portability, performance, and cosmetic appeal.

  • The smallest and most stylish 802.11n USB adapter 
  • Plug-and-forget design 
  • Data rates up to 150Mbps 
  • Designed with Green Technology for true energy efficiency 
  • Supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) 

BR-6258n 150Mbps Wireless Broadband Nano Router

The BR-6258n 150Mbps Wireless Broadband Nano Router is a miniature, energy-efficient, and space-saving wireless broadband router designed for anyone who needs to share an Internet connection in a hotel room, a conference room, or any place where there is only one Internet cable. Its compactness and versatility make it a handy network companion for users who are constantly on the go. The BR-6258n is the traveler's new travel essential that not only has the functions, but also the looks.

  • Sleek supercar design 
  • Shares your broadband connection wherever you go 
  • 1 LAN port (10/100M) and 1 WAN port (10/100M) 
  • Built-in hardware WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button 
  • Designed with green technology

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