Did the Muppets Boost Google+ Growth?

Did the Muppets Boost Google+ Growth?

If you aren't using Google+, perhaps the Muppets can persuade you to join the social network by Google. In a move to promote its social network, Google showcased the Muppets rocking out with Hangouts on Google+. While there is an element of fun involved, the ad also demonstrated how easy it is to conduct a video conference call using Hangouts.

According to statistician Paul Allen, Google+ is looking at 62 million users as of 27th December 2011. His team from elance has been running multiple queries on various surnames, which has been tracked since July 2011. The model was revised based on the announcements by Google when Larry Page revealed that more than 40 million users are on Google+ on 13th October 2011.

Allen noted that approximately 24.01% of Google+ users joined in the month of December, around the time when this particular Google+ ad with the Muppets was shown. While we are inclined to believe that these cute puppet characters have a positive effect on the Google+ growth, it's more probable that the ad, alongside a combination of the holiday season with people having more time to experiment on new technology, new Android users downloading the Google+ app and actively using it, or even positive word of mouth that contributed to the accelerated growth.

By Allen's forecast, Google+ might see nearly 85.2 million users by February 2012. Though the numbers might not be estimated through an exact science, its undeniable that as more users sign up, the network will grow stronger, as evident in the network effect.

One thing's for sure: the Muppets have a soft spot for Queen, seeing how they've also covered Bohemian Rhapsody in an earlier video.

Source: Paul Allen via All Things D

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