Detailed Ivy Bridge Line Up Leaked by Intel

Detailed Ivy Bridge Line Up Leaked by Intel

According to CPU World, they found an online PDF document that contains the full line up of Ivy Bridge CPUs for both desktops and notebooks for January to April of this year. The document has been removed from public view but the folks at CPU World managed to capture some of the information before it was taken offline.

Last year, details of some desktop Ivy Bridge CPUs were also revealed by CPU World. In additional to the CPUs listed in the earlier news article, we observed that there are five additional Ivy Bridge CPUs listed in this latest piece of information:

  • i5-3330
  • i5-3330S
  • i5-3470
  • i5-3475S
  • i5-3570S

The suffixes 'K', 'S' and 'T' of the processor numbers correspond to their respective rated TDPs. From the information above, there was no mention of the third-generation Intel Core i7 CPUs nor did it list any third-generation Intel i3 CPUs that were expected to be launched in June 2012.

Source: CPU World


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