Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook, Squeezes 13-Inch Screen in 11-Inch Body

Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook, Squeezes 13-Inch Screen in 11-Inch Body

Dell may be late to the Ultrabook party, but they are set to arrive in style. Introducing the most compact Ultrabook we have ever seen, the Dell XPS 13. The most interesting thing about the notebook isn't about its similar looks to its older XPS 15z and XPS 14z siblings, but the fact that it is similar to the 14z in terms of screen technology. The 14z squeezes a 14-inch screen onto a 13-inch body, while the 13z manages to squeeze a 13-inch (Gorilla Glass) screen onto a 11-inch body.

This could possibly make the Dell XPS 13, the most compact Ultrabook in the market based on its dimensions. The XPS brand is Dell's high-end product brand, hence you can expect the Dell XPS 13 to be solidly built. It's built with aluminum -- a premium material that manufacturers prefer to use to give their products a touch of luxury -- and carbon fiber. Its carbon fiber bottom is made to channel heat away while remaining durable and light.

It sports the standard Ultrabook components like a 128GB or 256GB solid-state-drive (SSD) and comes in either Core i5, or Core i7 flavors. These ultra-low-powered processors also come with integrated graphics (Intel HD 3000) that gives users a complete multimedia experience. In order to appeal to corporate consumers, Dell also made the effort to include security features like the Trusted Platform Module and BitLocker data encryption.

According to Dell representatives, the Dell XPS 13 will be made available in March 2012. However, they did not provide any details about its price or which countries will see it first. 

“The XPS 13 is the culmination of an extensive design and development process focused on creating the best Ultrabook on the planet,” said Jeff Clarke, vice chairman, Global Operations and End User Computing. “It is specifically engineered to help both our consumer and commercial customers be more productive and connected in every way possible. From the edge-to-edge frameless display that packs more screen into a compact body, to the innovative carbon fiber base that is lightweight and cool to the touch, the XPS 13 exemplifies our commitment to offering industry-leading mobile solutions that deliver durability and performance without compromise.”

Source: Dell

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