CyanogenMod Lands on HP TouchPad

CyanogenMod Lands on HP TouchPad

Still pondering if you should get the HP TouchPad like we are? Perhaps this news might seal the deal: CyanogenMod has started work on porting Google's Android OS onto the now defunct HP tablet.

The Android-modding group, known for its aftermarket firmware that increases performance and reliability over Android-based ROMs, has just released a video showing a very early alpha version of Android on the TouchPad. This is still far from a stable experience on the TouchPad with the Google mobile OS, though the group is working hard to get it up and running.

In a statement to RootzWiki, the team has also declared that it ultimately wants to create a multiboot solution where the end user will be able to boot into webOS, CyanogenMod and other potential OSes. According to CyanogenMod, this appears to be very possible, and the group is currently discussing several potential implementations with the webOS development community.

Given that webOS is based on the Linux kernel and we've already seen Ubuntu being loaded onto the tablet, it's now a matter of time before the group stabilizes the Android platform on it.

And perhaps claim the bounty on that's still growing for anyone who successfully plants the green droid into the TouchPad.

Source: Wired

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