Could a iPhone 4 Recall Be Possible?

Could a iPhone 4 Recall Be Possible?

The iPhone 4 has sold like hotcakes since its launched, but it is plagued by numerous problems, leading to many unhappy customers. Apart from the its widely documented reception problem, many users have also complained about yellow spots on the screen, and that the new design of the phone makes it easier to break. With so many problems and complaints surfacing, some industry analysts have even speculated about the possible of a product recall.

CIO - Can Apple afford to wait for iPhone 5? Given the serious problems plaguing iPhone 4, says Enderle, the right answer could be a recall. "Customer loyalty is one of the most valuable and strategic assets they have and wasting that to avoid a needed recall would be penny wise and pound foolish," he says, adding, "No one wants to face Jobs' wrath if they had to actually do one."

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