Cooler Master Announces the Silencio 550

Cooler Master Announces the Silencio 550

The Silencio 550: A Hush of Sophistication

Synthesizing style and smoothness, with strength and stealth, Cooler Master ushers in a new era of silent towers by introducing the Silencio 550. Enveloped in a cool-black steel case, this tower of power holds the capacity to support the most elaborate computing configuration. Fronted by a mirrored high-gloss panel, the finish is emboldened with the class and elegance only embraced by Cooler Master products.

Runs Quietly

Paramount to the Silencio 550, as the name suggests, is the barely detectable murmur at which it runs. Insulated with silencing foam padding internally on both sides deadens the slight reverberations of the fans and the whirrs and clicks of hard drives. Combine this with a solid-steel unshakable frame, shiftless rubber feet, and two Cooler Master softly-spinning fans, renders this chassis nearly audibly invisible, making it the perfect tower for those who value peace and quiet as primary to the computing environment.

With a Smooth Case Comes Smooth Responsibility

Matching the Silencio 550s slick exterior lies a clean, intuitive, spacious interior. Three 5.25-inch, seven 3.5-inch, one 2.5-inch hard drive bays, set inside a solid steel, easily-removable hard drive cage allows computer aficionados to mix and match various hard drives for multiple flexibility and maximum drive space. Behind the glassy-clean finish of the front panel hides an external hot-swappable drive bay for those essential quick changes on the fly. Merging this slot with the lightning-quick, backwards-compatible USB 3.0 port and a versatile SD card reader provides the users with a plethora of options to store and load any type of data. A surprisingly efficient intake-exhaust cooling system adorns the expansive interior for maximum airflow and if this is not sufficient in those hot environments, the Silencio 550 includes rear retaining holes for an additional water cooling kit to be accessorized. Abundantly full of options and aesthetics, and at a more than reasonable price, this chassis tower is the perfect silent partner for any enthusiast.

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