Consumer Reports: New iPad Cannot Charge Under Heavy Workloads

Consumer Reports: New iPad Cannot Charge Under Heavy Workloads

American magazine Consumer Reports published an article detailing how its tests revealed that the new iPad could not charge while handling processor-intensive tasks.

According to Consumer Reports, they found that the new iPad was unable to charge while running the game Infinity Blade II. Although it was connected to the power supply, the battery continued to drain. However, the Apple slate charged normally when it was not running the game. 

Consumer Reports also confirmed that the new iPad feels warmer under heavy usage conditions such as gaming or downloads, with temperatures rising as high as 46 degrees Celsius on the front and back of the device. In addition, thermal images revealed that there was uneven heat distribution throughout the iPad but the warmest section was near one corner of the display.

It is likely that the high resolution Retina display and A5X processor are drawing more power than the wall charger can supply under heavy loads. As we are still in the midst of conducting battery tests on the iPad, we will update with more information in our upcoming review.

Source: Consumer Reports via Slash Gear


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