Conceptual BlackBerry Phone Detects Emotions

Conceptual BlackBerry Phone Detects Emotions

If you had a phone that detects your state of emotion and responds accordingly, would you be freaked out? In the near future, you might not. As a sign of times to come, Research in Motion engaged the Art Center College of Design to conceptualize a BlackBerry device. The result is code-named as Empathy, a BlackBerry device that works with a biometric ring to detect your emotions and display it accordingly on the device with preset colors. The concept extends to your fellow BlackBerry users, whose emotional state will be reported on the contact list via the same color code.

Engadget - Rest easy, folks: we know it's pointy at the bottom, but we've been assured this isn't the BlackBerry 7100's true successor. Instead, the so-called Empathy is the bizarre outcome of of a RIM-sponsored design project at the Art Center College of Design that touts its ability to detect the emotions of its user and his or her contacts.

What looks even more interesting, is the user interface that has been proposed. In a social network heavy setting, the Empathy utilizes a social map of all your contacts, with each contact giving more options to choose from via a control wheel. To give you a better idea, here's the video demonstration.

For more information about this concept BlackBerry device, click here.

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