Concept Android Phone Comes with Three Flexible AMOLED Screens

Concept Android Phone Comes with Three Flexible AMOLED Screens

Whenever a concept phone turns up, it brings all sorts of excitement to the phone users. True to that,  a concept phone that showcases not one, nor two, but three foldable screens by virtue of a flexible AMOLED display, has surfaced. With three screens, you can easily prop it up as a triangle and share two displays, with the third acting as the base to support the device.

Slashgear - Well would you look at that, the perfect phone. All it took was a couple extra panels and there it was, all conceptualized and turned into a short ad for the world to see. This is a vision of a smartphone that takes the idea of flipping out an extra section (for a keyboard, for a speaker, etc.,) and took it a couple steps further. Designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen presents one lovely triangle.

Honestly speaking, while the concept is great, the reality might not be just as optimistic. Though flexible AMOLED screens are already in existence, there are other factors to consider such as the hardware components within. A flexible phone might still take some time to bear fruit, but we can only hope. You can also check out a short video showcasing the concept phone over here.

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