Command Using a Smartphone with Roccat Power-Grid

Command Using a Smartphone with Roccat Power-Grid

Roccat presents the Roccat Power-Grid.

Allowing players to connect, monitor, control their game, and PC with their smartphone, the app comes with four control displays or "grids". Three of these have been pre-loaded, and gamers can customize the fourth one.

The first control grid, the "Incoming Center", routes all outside voice and text communications from Skype, Facebook, TeamSpeak, etc, to a display on the smartphone, so users can still get messages from friends while in-game. The "Stats Control" grid allows gamers to monitor their computer's vital data including (but not limited to) CPU status via their smartphone conveniently. The "Sound Control" grid lets gamers tailor their gaming audio settings using their smartphone.

Besides downloading the free Power-Grid app, users need to download the free Roccat Power-Grid Launcher which not only establish a connection between the smartphone and PC, but also features a powerful editor which enables players to creatie their own control icons.

Also announced is Project Phobo for a smartphone using Power-Grid, and Apuri 2.0, a Roccat Smart Gear gaming assistant that acts as a stylish stand for a gamer’s Power-Grid-enabled smartphone.

Initial versions of Power-Grid work with all Apple iPhones using the latest version of iOS, as well as with the iPod touch. In addition to a compatible smartphone, Power-Grid requires a PC with Wi-Fi capability.

Roccat will launch Power-Grid for Android smartphones at gamescom 2012.

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