Coming Soon: Voice-control on Panasonic's Viera HDTVs

Panasonic's Viera HDTV Displays to Adopt Voice-Controls

Late last month, HDTVtest (UK) published an article citing that Dragon TV - Nuance's voice and language platform for televisions - will be powering Panasonic's upcoming range of Viera HDTV displays with a voice-guidance system. In other words, it is probable that Panasonic will be joining the likes of Samsung and LG in equipping their television sets with voice-control capabilities. When the news on Panny first broke, we did embrace it with a pinch of salt since voice features aren't stated with Panasonic's latest suite of Viera HDTVs released in the UK. If we may add, LG's voice controls on their revamped Magic Remote are incidentally powered by the Dragon TV platform as well.  

However, Pocket-Lint published a similar report in a more recent article to solidify the proposed statement from HDTVtest. According to Pocket-Lint, Panasonic's new range of Viera HDTVs will enable users to adjust the TV's volume, change channels, or program recordings via voice controls. In hindsight, voice commands on Panasonic's displays will function in a similar fashion as Samsung's, such as the South Koreans' ES8000 and ES7500 LED TVs as well as E8000 plasma displays. Understandably, Panasonic has worked with the folks at Royal National Institute of Blind People to enhance their TV experience with a voice-guidance system. This system will probably be translated into consumer offerings to complement the traditional remote.

We were unable to reach Panasonic to confirm if upcoming models like their Smart Viera WT50 series would be fitted with similar voice capabilities, but we will let you know once we receive any official word from Panny. Hang in there.

Source: HDTVtest and Pocket-Lint

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