A Closer Look at Apple's A4 Chip

A Closer Look at Apple's A4 Chip

Apple's A4 chip is blazing fast and has been the centre of much discussion and debate ever since it was revealed that it would be powering the iPad. There's much mystique surrounding the chip, and Apple has not helped by keeping mum about the chip's exact origins and specifications. This is crucial because longtime Apple watchers and industry analysts are wondering just what it Apple's long-term processor strategy?

Ars Technica - In the current mobile space, just as in the desktop PC space of the pre-Intel era, that larger question of strategy implies a host of smaller questions, like just how much influence do Apple's in-house hardware teams exert over the designs, and where is that influence manifested? What is Apple's long-term plan for playing in the hardware market, and does the company really expect to pit its boutique, Apple-specific designs against the wider commodity market and win?

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