Clamshell Shaped BlackBerry 9670 Leaked

Clamshell Shaped BlackBerry 9670 Leaked

All right, I guess most of us are done with the iPhone 4G leaks, so here's another one for you - the BlackBerry 9670. The interesting part about this new BlackBerry device would be its larger screen size - a trait that's not too common for BlackBerry devices (think below 3-inches for its popular Bold lineup).

Engadget - According to BGR, we're apparently looking at the first shots of a phone numbered 9670 in RIM's BlackBerry parlance, a true QWERTY flip running BlackBerry OS 6.0 on a 480 x 360 display with WiFi, a 5 megapixel camera, optical pad (as is the case with every new BlackBerry these days), microSD expansion, and a huge external display that's eerily reminiscent of Moto's RAZR 2.

Still, we are a bit apprehensive at this new design. As to its usability, that's anyone's guess for now. Check out the leaked images of the BlackBerry 9670 over here.

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