Church of Kopimism Recognized by Sweden

Church of Kopimism Recognized by Sweden

When it comes to copyright and information sharing, the authorities and users are engaged in a tussle of sorts. It seems that the laws no longer facilitate use and need to be changed as the demands of the people evolve. Unfortunately the transition has not been going smoothly.

Various advocates of change have taken different routes to express their concerns. We have the Pirate Party in Europe trying to reform patent laws to better reflect modern day principles. And now Sweden has formally recognized the Church of Kopimism, another effort at emphasizing current information standards, as a religion.

The Church of Kopimism believes in the open distribution of information and holds Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to be sacred symbols. No formal membership is required to be a part of the church. All that is needed is a belief in the fact that information was meant to be shared.

Getting file sharing recognized as a religious act and hence part of every human's inalienable rights is definitely a novel, albeit far fetched method to resolve matters.

Source: Kopimistsamfundet via Tech Week Europe

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