Chrome OS Cr-48 Caps Lock Key Not Missing After All

Chrome OS Cr-48 Capslock Key Not Missing After All

When the news broke that Google would be replacing the Caps Lock key for its new Chrome OS-based Cr-48 notebook with a Search function, many folks, including us here, were left scratching our heads at the move. Sure, it changed the seldom used (unless you were an internet troll) key to something that's used more often, but there may be occasions (admittedly few) that would require the use of the key. Thankfully it seems like the option is there to switch it back from being the Search key. We do wonder however, if getting used to a Search key may be a better idea in the long run after all. - But wait, the ability to type in "ALL CAPS" is not entirely missing from the Cr-48 or Google Chrome OS. We found it during the laptops' built in tutorial. Here's how Google snarkily explains it:

If you really need Caps Locks so you can post an INSIGHTFUL COMMENT ON YOUTUBE, click the wrench, click Settings, and then go to the System section for change the Modifier Key from a Search key to a Caps Lock key."

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