Chrome Finally Appears on Android

Chrome Finally Appears on Android

Since Google Chrome was launched in 2008, users around the world loved it, and it became the second most popular browser on the Internet, right after Window's default browser, Internet Explorer.

Google even made a lightweight operating system around the browser, aimed at giving users instant internet access to mobile machines like laptops. However this move confused some critics, who thought that it might compete directly with Android.

Thankfully the confusion might be cleared up soon. Google has just released a Chrome for Android Beta, giving users what they love about the Chrome browser -- speed and simplicity. 

Of course we also have other things we love about Chrome, like the omnibox that lets you search from the address bar, as well as seamless syncing of tabs and bookmarks between machines that have Chrome.


We've also had the chance to briefly play Chrome for Android Beta on one of our test handsets, and we must say we were pretty impressed. The user interface was simple enough for users to get used to immediately.

Tabs were handled like cards, and swiping it aside would close an open tab. There is also the infamous "Incognito" mode, but we *cough* can't imagine what you would use it for.

Chrome for Android Beta is only available for Android handsets running Ice-Cream-Sandwich for now, and even if you do manage to get your hands on one such handset, you wouldn't be able to download it from the Android market due to geographic restrictions.

But of course we're sure that if you really wanted to give it a go, a few search terms such as Chrome for Android and APK, alongside your best friend Google will get you your Chrome for Android fix.

Source: Google

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