Is China Responsible for These Global Cyber Attacks?

Is China Responsible for These Global Cyber Attacks?

Hacking into phones is undeniably a vile and tasteless act. But what if hacking was elevated to a global level? According to the Telegraph report, international organisations such as the United Nations have been victims of cyber breaches, and possibly through the work of a single nation. McAfee adds that even the UN secretariat in Geneva was attacked by malicious applications over a two year window. While McAfee did not point any fingers, independent security analysts believe all signs point to one source - China. 

The Telegraph - China has been accused of mounting a five-year hacking operation that stole industrial and national secrets on an unprecedented scale, after an investigation by a leading internet group uncovered a huge international security breach.

Conversely, others have urged accusers to exercise discernment. Some security experts aren't ruling out the possibility other countries might be using China as a smokescreen for these cyber attacks, or if is solely the work of independent individuals. So far, countries such as Taiwan and South Korea have been targeted, including the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). More on this story here.  

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