China Now World's Largest PC Market

China Now World's Largest PC Market

Is it a coincidence that at the same time, HP has given up the fight to produce PCs? Maybe, maybe not.

Just as soon as the world's largest PC maker announced that it is giving up the fight in the PC market, China is named as the country with the largest market for PCs.

This is according to a report at Boy Genius Report who quoted a report from the International Data Corporation.

At the same time, BGR also quoted the Wall Street Journal, which mentioned HP's sharp decline in the Chinese market over the recent years.

From the outside, it just seems as though HP predicts that the competition it was getting into is going to get really rough on the bottom-line, and decided to prevent a devastating loss.

IBM probably saw this day coming a long time ago, and decided it should just sell their PC business to Chinese PC manufacturer, Lenovo in 2005.

Since then it has gained significant market share, thanks to ravenous consumption in its home turf -- China, which is probably en route to becoming the world's biggest everything.

It probably just didn't make sense to compete with a Chinese company, when your own products being made in China (what isn't these days?).

“The center of gravity of the PC industry has shifted away from the developed world,” Wolf Group Asia CEO David Wolf said. China’s growth helped Lenovo become the third-largest PC maker, behind HP and Dell, with a 12.2% of global PC shipments. -

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