Casio Presents Concept G-Shock Smartphone at CES 2012

Casio Presents Concept G-Shock Smartphone at CES 2012

Rugged smartphones such as the Motorola Defy and Sony Ericsson Xperia Active belong to a very niche market, facing little to no competition. This could change in the future, should Casio's concept G-Shock smartphone turn into a reality.

According to Casio, this is still a proof of concept, so its specifications aren't final. Nonetheless, the company is looking at upping the ante in the durability department, starting with the phone being waterproof of up to 10m (the current standard is looking at 1m up to 30 minutes within water). The Casio G-Shock smartphone is supposedly able to withstand a drop from 10m , and will sustain a load of 1 ton on the device.

As to its operating system, the company wasn't able to provide any details. By our estimate, we might see an Android OS on this G-Shock smartphone, given that Casio's G'zOne that was launched in the US late last year came with the Google operating system.

Casio has stated that the decision to put the mass production of the G-Shock smartphone is still under consideration, depending on the market reaction to this durable smartphone. The company wasn't able to confirm if it will be making the device outside of the US.

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