Casio Introduces EX-TR100 and EX-ZR100

Casio Introduces the EX-TR1000

Casio announces the release of two digital cameras - the EX-TR100 and EX-ZR100.

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Casio Releases a Digital Camera for a Free and Flexible Style of Photo-Taking - Entirely New Slim and Stylish Camera Featuring a Variable Frame and Rotational LCD, Equipped with HDR-ART Function for Creating Original Images

Casio announces the release of the EX-TR100, a new model in its EXILIM lineup of digital cameras. The EX-TR100 features a variable frame design that enables a free and flexible approach to photo-taking, and it comes with software that makes it easy for users to share their photos and movies over the Internet.

Casio is employing its advanced digital technologies to create new ways to enjoy photography under the concept of a Digital Image Revolution. By bringing together its original visionary ideas with these technologies, Casio has been moving ahead with the development of truly unique digital cameras. In the previous year, Casio released cameras featuring its new HDR-ART function for producing artistic photographs at the touch of a button, powered by its High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. By offering users the opportunity to enjoy making and displaying digital photo art, Casio has created new value in the digital camera market.

Casio has also equipped the EX-TR100 with the HDR-ART function to offer users new ways of expressing themselves through photos. Beyond that, Casio has created an all-new style of photo-taking for digital cameras, giving the EX-TR100 a variable frame design that expands the conventional concepts of camera design. Casio's new and original design includes a camera frame that opens and closes, and a 3.0-inch, high-performance, super-clear LCD with touch panel that rotates. This not only allows the camera to be used in either hand or at any angle, but also enables users to freely position the frame or change how the camera is held according to the scene being shot. In this way, the EX-TR100 offers more freedom and flexibility to photo enthusiasts.

Users can easily take self-portrait photos, holding the camera in their hand, by using the camera's rotational touch LCD and touch shutter, which is able to focus and shoot on an area in the frame selected by touching the panel. Along with that, taking group shots including the photo taker is simple using the camera's wide-angle 21mm single-focus lens. The EX-TR100 also includes a self-timer that is intuitive to operate using the touch panel. It includes a motion shutter that triggers the timer when it detects motion in an area designated by touching the panel. This allows users to take shots of themselves after placing the camera in any location, such as hanging it from a wall or setting it on a table.

The EX-TR100 can also film Full HD movies in H.264 video format, as well as slow motion movies. By opening the frame, users can shoot these movies not only from a stable grip position, but can also clip the camera to a shirt pocket for film freehand, a useful option when playing with small children or pets.

The EX-TR100 is equipped with Casio's high-performance EXILIM ENGINE HS and high-sensitivity, 12.1-megapixel, back-illuminated CMOS sensor. The camera is fully loaded with an assortment of powerful photography functions. For example, the HDR-ART function enables users to produce their own original images by selecting from three different processing levels—strong, standard, and light—to transform photos according to the artistic styles of their choice. The HDR technology also ensures that photos turn out beautifully even if taken in places such as party venues. Users can also apply the camera's advanced, fully automatic Premium Auto function for taking beautiful photos with just a press of the shutter button.

The EX-TR100 also comes with computer software for uploading data to networks. Users can simply select which photos and movies they would like uploaded from the camera beforehand, and upon connecting it to a computer, the data will automatically upload to web albums, video sharing sites or social networking services. In this way, Casio makes it easy for users to enjoy sharing images with friends and people located anywhere in the world.

Casio is positioning the EXILIM brand as "Amazing Gear"—a brand that never fails to deliver new surprises and excitement. Casio is driving a Digital Image Revolution, creating new value by developing digital cameras that go beyond the limits of cameras in the past.

A Stylish Digital Camera with a Groundbreaking Design Unlike Any Conventional Model

  • A slim and stylish camera body with a variable frame design
  • Offering a free and flexible style of photo-taking
  • Features a 3.0-inch, high-performance, super-clear LCD with touch panel
  • HDR technology faithfully reproduces images as they really appear
  • HDR-ART creates artistic photographs
  • Equipped with Casio's high-performance EXILIM ENGINE HS
  • EXILIM ENGINE HS enables a powerful photography functions
  • Equipped with a 12.1-megapixel, back-illuminated CMOS sensor and wide-angle 21mm single-focus lens
  • Software included for uploading data to networks

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