Canon LEGRIA Lineup with Social Sharing Capabilities Unveiled

Canon LEGRIA Lineup with Social Sharing Capabilities Unveiled

Canon introduces its HD LEGRIA HF-M and HF-R series.

With Full HD recording capabilities, the new camcorders enable users to directly share their videos on SNS without the need the hassle of transferring them to a PC. Wi-Fi connectivity, the option to capture videos in MP4 or AVCHD file format, and full DLNA certification to support sharing of videos via DLNA-certified HDTVs and mobile devices are just some of the new features on board these camcorders.

The HF-M series includes an improved HD CMOS PRO sensor to deliver professional-quality Full HD video, even under dimly lit environments. Canon HD video lens and a powerful 51x advanced zoom in the HF-R series help users capture even from far distances.

The new Story Creator function guides users to capture scenes and is handled completely in-camera, allowing users to create their movie while traveling. Additionally, all new camcorders come with a flat touch screen panel and a new UI. Also, a "home" button has been included to allow users to return to the home screen conveniently.

The new LEGRIA camcorders will be retailing in mid April at authorized Canon dealers at:

LEGRIA HF M56: S$1,349
LEGRIA HF M52: S$1,549
LEGRIA HF R38: S$1,099
LEGRIA HF R36: S$899

Read on for the full press release.

Singapore – Canon Singapore today unveiled its new high definition LEGRIA HF-M and HF-R series that allow users to directly share their videos on social networking sites, without the need to transfer them to a PC. Offering Full HD recording in a compact and lightweight body, the new camcorders offer consumers new features like Wi-Fi connectivity, the option to capture videos in MP4 or AVCHD file format, and full Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certification to support the sharing of videos through DNLA-certified HDTVs, and mobile devices. The HF-M series also features an enhanced version of Canon’s HD CMOS PRO sensor to deliver uncompromised professional-quality full HD video, even in extreme low-light conditions. The Canon HD video lens and a powerful 51x advanced zoom in the HF-R series ensure that users can easily capture the action anywhere, even from far distances.

“An increasing number of consumers in technologically-savvy Singapore are sharing their pictures and videos on social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube, and we see many keen to upload them instantly after recording,” said Andrew Koh, Senior Director and General Manager, Consumer Imaging and Information Products Division, Canon Singapore. “The Wi-Fi connectivity and MP4 support in Canon’s latest lineup of LEGRIA HF-M and HF-R series camcorders facilitate seamless connectivity with iOS devices, allowing users to effortlessly share freshly recorded videos with their friends and loved ones.”

Connecting Wirelessly

The built-in Wi-Fi connectivity in both the LEGRIA HF-M and HF-R series allow users to share their videos and photos without having to first transfer them to the PC. By connecting wirelessly to an iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone, users can view or store their MP4 LEGRIA movies on their portable devices on the go, with the option to upload directly to Facebook and YouTube via the Movie Uploader application.

Users can also seamlessly stream movies wirelessly straight from the camcorder to any DLNA-certified HDTV. The HF-M series also allows users to directly backup files to an external self-powered hard-disc drive with a USB cable, which then frees up internal memory space.

Improved low-light performance in everyday videos

The LEGRIA HF-M series is now equipped with an Advanced HD CMOS PRO Sensor that improves low-light sensitivity when shooting in dark environments. With the 2.37MP Full HD CMOS new sensor, the HF-M series delivers better clarity as it benefits from a 20% increase in low-light performance compared to the previous LEGRIA HF-M series. The HF-M series also has a 10x optical zoom lens for users to shoot subjects from a range of focal lengths, and an advanced iris diaphragm which helps create more attractive background blur. Both the HF-M and HF-R series also sport a Canon HD Video lens with a sophisticated optical system designed for fast, silent and accurate performance and minimal distortion.

The HF-R series sports a Full HD CMOS Sensor with approximately 3.28MP. Both the HF-M and HF-R series run on the DIGIC DV III processor chip for superb image quality.

Minimise blur with Intelligent IS

The new Intelligent Image Stabiliser (IS) system automatically adapts the IS settings based on the scene being recorded. The new Intelligent IS system will change intuitively through one of four IS modes – Dynamic, Powered, Macro and Tripod – for easy shooting. With this automated system, Intelligent IS makes it even easier for users to capture great, shake-free footage in various shooting situations. When recording a walking subject, the Intelligent IS system will employ Dynamic stabilization to automatically reduce camera shake. If the subject is detected to be very close to the camcorder, Macro stabilization will activate to counter shift camera shake; if the subject is far from the camcorder at extreme telephoto distances, Powered IS will activate to counter slow, large-scale camcorder shake.

In addition, the Smart Auto feature can detect up to 38 different scenes such as Backlit and Sunset, and will apply optimal settings to achieve the best results.

Customise the audio of your video to your environment

The HF-M series features a new Audio Scene Select mode that streamlines the selection of custom audio options. Users select the situation that will be captured, for example, a musical performance, a speech, or a forest - and the camcorder will automatically adjust settings, including microphone directionality, frequency response, wind screen, volume level and microphone attenuator. While users will still be given the option to make these adjustments manually, the new audio settings menu makes the optimisation of the audio levels quick and easy for casual users. With five different audio selections, there will be one suitable setting for most situations.

New Story Creator function brings out the best in your videos

New to the LEGRIA HF-R series, Story Creator acts as a personal movie director, by providing users with onscreen guidance to help them capture scenes and tell their story in style – whether it’s a family party or a wedding. Story Creator is a fun, innovative way to shoot footage, and is handled completely in-camera, allowing users to create their movie on the go. Cinema-Look Filters now make it easy to transform everyday scenes instantly by altering the look and feel of footage. With seven filters built into the HF-R series (nine in the HF-M series including the Memory and Dream effects), users can give a scene a completely different atmosphere. For example, the ‘Vivid’ effect adds colour and vibrancy to footage, while the ‘Cool’ effect gives scenes a sci-fi movie feel. All filters are applied in-camera, giving users another way to creatively enhance their footage without the need for a PC or additional software.

Ease of Use

All the new high definition camcorders come with a flat touch screen panel and sport a new user interface (UI) for easy navigation. In addition, a HOME button has been added to let users conveniently return to the main screen, allowing them to operate the camcorder easily. All four models come in a sleek and compact form, thus making handling even easier.

All models come are equipped with a built-in internal memory and a SDHC/SDXC card slot, so there is no need to worry about running out of memory cards. The LEGRIA HF M52 and LEGRIA HF R38 come with 32GB of built-in memory while the LEGRIA HFM56 and LEGRIA HF R36 come with 8GB of built-in memory.

Go underwater

The new Canon WP-V4 Waterproof Case helps protect the HF-M series camcorders from water for depths of up to 130 feet or 39.6 metres, allowing users to capture exciting HD footage even underwater. This compact and lightweight housing seals the camcorder, allowing easy on-camera operation and control for all water sports activities such as scuba diving and whitewater rafting.

Price & Availability

The new LEGRIA camcorders will be available in mid April at authorised Canon dealers at the following recommended retail prices:

LEGRIA HF M56: S$1,349

LEGRIA HF M52: S$1,549

LEGRIA HF R38: S$1,099

LEGRIA HF R36: S$899

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