Canon Launches Latest Series of LV Projectors

Canon Launches Latest Series of LV Projectors

New range of Canon’s portable LCD multimedia projectors are designed to meet the demands of any user

SINGAPORE - Canon today announces the launch of five new projector models (LV-7290, LV-7295, LV-7390, LV-7490 and LV-8225) in its ultra-portable LV series. Ranging from entry-level network-ready LV-7290 to the compact and powerful LV-7490 with 4000 lumens brightness, to the widescreen LV-8225 projector featuring native WXGA resolution, the new range contains a model suitable for every projection need.

Innovation coupled with convenience

All the 5 LV LCD multimedia projectors share several common features designed with both academic and business presentations in mind. The new projectors offer XGA resolution (except the LV-8225 which features native WXGA resolution) to provide sharp image detail and bright, clear projection in any location. Loaded with a wide-angle 1.2x zoom projection lens for crystal clear picture quality and a powerful 10W speaker, the new LV projector series promises to take the combined audio and visual experiences of every presentation to the next level.

Designed for greater ease of use, the latest LV projectors come with Auto Set-Up Functions for signal input, PC signal type, and vertical-keystone correction. At a push of a button, the projector automatically identifies the type of input signal (video or computer). For computer input, it automatically synchronises the projector’s display with the computer screen’s pixel configuration. Auto vertical-keystone “squares” images when the projector is facing the screen at an angle, enabling projection in awkward, space constrained areas.

Furthermore, multiple inputs consisting of various computer, video and audio connections ensure the LV projectors stay compatible with a wide range of display sources. Network connectivity is also possible with RJ-45 network and RS-232C serial connections. Other features include the customisable Logo function for users to load their own images like corporate logos for displaying in between presentations. In terms of maintenance and day-to-day usage, the new LV projectors come with an Easy-Install Lamp and Direct Power-On which are extremely convenient for ceiling mount projectors.

Last but not least, the devices have an extended lamp life of up to 6000 hours. Consumers will also appreciate the extended Air Filter life that lasts up to 5,500 hours in ECO Mode. Made of a new three-layer, highly efficient, hybrid material, the filter cleans the air drawn in by the internal fan that cools the projection fan. In terms of power consumption, the projectors consume less than 1W in standby mode. All of the models are also suitable for quiet environments due to their low noise levels, which are just 29dBA when in ‘Eco Mode’.

Customised Configurations for every Presentation

With a wide plethora of common features as highlighted above, the new Canon LV projectors’ series also provide additional capabilities designed for every user’s needs. With the growing popularity of widescreen notebook and desktop computers, the LV-8225 LCD projector is capable of delivering native WXGA-resolution (1280 x 800) for widescreen 16:10 images. Rated at 2600 lumens, this projector is designed for full-screen display of diagrams, spreadsheets and video, elements which are often included in educational presentations. Users conveniently avoid the need for image compression or other picture-distorting measures.

For those who need higher brightness due to bigger space or stronger ambient light, the new Canon LV-7490 LCD Projector provides the answer at 4000 lumens of brightness. With an XGA-resolution of 1024 x 768, this portable model is ideal for educational institutions where students can take notes without the need to darken the entire classroom.

Pricing & Availability

The new Canon LV Projectors will be available from 16 May 2011 at the following recommended retail prices:
• LV-7490: S$1,999.00
• LV-7390: S$1,299.00
• LV-7295: S$1,049.00
• LV-7290: S$ 849.00
• LV-8225: S$1,199.00

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