BryteWerks Model One is Made for Your Entertainment

BryteWerks Model One is Made for Your Entertainment

The modern trend for devices is to increasingly focus on smooth and seamless operations right out of the box. Consumers expect an excellent user experience without having to bother with any complicated setup procedures. Keeping in line with this new comers BryteWerks have designed a device to shake up things in the entertainment segment.

The BryteWerks Model One is a rectangular cuboid which, superficially at least, seems to be just a projector which boasts of a widescreen 1920 by 1200 resolution and a brightness of 6000 to11000 lumens. What sets the BryteWerks Model One apart is the built-in home theater PC, with a choice from Intel Core i3 to i7 processors, a Blu-Ray drive and either a 500GB SSD or 2TB HDD. With its features, the Model One should be ready to go as soon as it is plugged in.

Offering wireless connectivity via 802.11N wireless Bluetooth, an embedded 720p 8.9-inch touchscreen for controls, and smartphone applications for ease of use, the BryteWekrs Model One looks like a perfect device to kick off your 2012 spending. Smart and savvy, the projector seems like it has all bases covered for your entertainment needs. It goes on sale today and is priced between US$2449 to US$5999 (depending on specifications).

Source: BryteWerks via Engadget

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