Bose Introduces OE2 and OE2i Headphones

Bose Introduces OE2 and OE2i Headphones

Seeing that over-the-ear headphones have become an exceedingly popular choice among the youth of today, Bose has decided to try and grab a slice of the pie. Unlike models such as Beats by Dr. Dre and Soul by Ludacris, the new cans are not endorsed by a hip-hop artist and Bose is banking that its long and illustrious history in the field of audio will make its new Bose OE2 headphones competitive.

Two new versions are being introduced, namely the OE2 and the OE2i, which differs from the former because it is also equipped with an inline microphone for usage with the iPhone. The Bose OE2 and the Bose OE2i are priced at US$149.95 and US$179.95 respectively. Both will also feature TriPort technology which is sure to provide that classic signature Bose sound audiophiles have come to love. The pricing puts the new cans in the same category as the Bose AE2 (around-ear headphones).

Granted that the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones probably have more swagger and grant you more "street cred", but hopefully, the sedate and placid looking Bose OE2 will be able to provide a more neutral sound as compared to bass heavy competitors. We, for one, are delighted that Bose has decided to create a pair of over-ear headphones (the OE2 does not feature Active Noise Cancellation) for the audiophile at a decent price point. We will try and get our hands on a pair and get to reviewing the new cans on the double.

Source: Bose (via Tech Crunch)

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