Book Lending Now Available on Kindle

Book Lending Now Available on Kindle

Now you can lend your e-books on the Kindle to other Kindle users, including those using the Kindle app. Perhaps Amazon is loosening up its Kindle e-book eco-system, what with Barnes & Noble planning an event this week that may be a new nook e-book reader. Of course, the nook has had this book lending feature since its launch. Restrictions for the Kindle still apply, as not all e-books can be lent this way.

WSJ - Inc. has decided to get a little more friendly. The maker of the Kindle e-reader announced in a blog post that it would allow Kindle users to lend e-books to friends. The capability, which will be introduced later this year, will let buyers of Kindle e-books lend their Amazon e-book purchases just once, for a period of 14 days. (And just like an old-fashioned book, the lender cannot read their own book while it is virtually in the hands of a friend.) Sharing will work for both Kindle device owners and users of Kindle apps on other gadgets, like the iPad and iPhone.

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