BlackBerry Services Might be Blocked in UAE

BlackBerry Services Might be Blocked in UAE

The United Arab Emirates have just announced that it will halt all BlackBerry services on 11th October. While security and data encryption are the major reasons being cited by UAE for this move, officials have not dismissed the fact that this can be rectified should Research in Motion take the necessary security measures for the state. This includes the setting up of a server within UAE,

Reuters - The United Arab Emirates will suspend use of Blackberry services in October, citing concerns about security risks, and affecting half a million users in the Gulf Arab state.

The UAE said on Sunday it would halt Blackberry services on October 11 until an "acceptable solution" is developed and applied.

"It's a final decision but we are continuing discussions with them," Mohammed Al Ghanem, director general of the UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) told Reuters.

It all boils down to monitoring, and right now, the ball's in RIM's court. Should the company not take the necessary action, this could leave up to a million BlackBerry users stranded without push email and instant messaging services. For the full story, click here.

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