BlackBerry PlayBook Reviewed

BlackBerry PlayBook Reviewed

RIM's first tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, is reviewed by the Engadget gang. Verdict?

This means we're not entirely sure what the PlayBook that goes on sale next week will look like. We thought we had "final" software on Sunday -- and then we got another update. So, what we see at the moment is a framework with solid fundamentals but a framework that is, right now, unfinished. We have hardware that looks and feels great but isn't being fully served by the software. And, ultimately, we have a tablet that's trying really hard to please the enterprise set but, in doing so, seems to be alienating casual users who might just want a really great seven-inch tablet. Oh, and don't forget that bummer of a power button.

Check out the entire review over at Engadget.


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