BlackBerry Book Supports Android Apps

BlackBerry Book Supports Android Apps

With RIM's first tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, readying itself for an April appearance, there's still more surprises heading our way. Rumors of the BlackBerry PlayBook being able to run Android apps have been circulating, and this has just been finally confirmed by RIM. Besides the developer support legacy Java apps from its BlackBerry OS, RIM is also providing a suite of tools for Android developers, allowing them to easily port their apps over to the BlackBerry platform.

Electronista - RIM along with its latest results confirmed that it would support Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The seven-inch tablet will have a Java engine that not only supports legacy BlackBerry Java apps but those running Android 2.3. The apps will need "players" to work but just need to be repackaged to be downloadable through BlackBerry App World.

This is unfortunately a double-edged sword for RIM. While the PlayBook will definitely benefit from a wider range of apps through the Android ecosystem, it could dampen their efforts to bring more developers onto their QNX-based platform built for the PlayBook tablet. Meanwhile, we'll just have to monitor the situation, and see where the developers' focus will be in the months to come.

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