Biostar Adds Another Intel Z77 Motherboard - TZ77XE3

Biostar Launches TZ77XE3 Motherboard

Following the launch of Biostar's TZ77XE4 motherboard a month back at the CeBIT 2012 convention, the company has released many more Intel Z77 based variants to gear up for the official launch of Intel's third generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors coming on 29th April. Today, Biostar is adding one more to their count with the TZ77XE3 motherboard - a board that has a lot in common with the earlier released TZ77XE4.

Like the TZ77XE4, the TZ77XE3 is also touted as a gamer oriented board with good overclockability. In essence, the TZ77XE3 is just a more affordable edition with less features to trumpet. It loses an eSATA/USB combo port, a DisplayPort, debug LED segment, dual SATA ports, forgoes angled SATA ports for upward facing ports, simpler onboard switches and heatsinks that have no heatpipes. Oddly, it gains one more PCIe x1 slot, but it's not important given its location. To the more focused, but less demanding DIY folks requiring just the basics of a new system, the Biostar TZ77XE3 seems to have those aspects covered.

 For more details, read on for the full press release on the following page and check out the product page from Biostar.

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