BIOS Flash Turns Radeon HD 6950 to 6970

BIOS Flash Turns Radeon HD 6950 to 6970

It's been a while since we last heard of graphics cards being modded and unlocked to their full 'potential'. This apparently is possible on AMD's latest Cayman graphics cards - the Radeon HD 6950 can be turned into a Radeon HD 6970 with a simple BIOS flash. Best of all, AMD's new dual BIOS feature on these cards ensure that there's a way back should anything goes south.

TechPowerUp! - Just like on all other similar products, AMD's two Cayman variants, called Cayman Pro and Cayman XT, are based on the exact same GPU silicon. The model variant a GPU chip becomes is decided after the die is produced, at some point before it is put on the card. Creating new SKUs from the same silicon by locking features has been common practice in the industry since at least the Radeon 9500 in 2002.

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