Bill Gates Talks Windows 8

Bill Gates Talks Windows 8

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates recently sat down with Steve Clayton, who writes for Microsoft's Technet blog, to share his thoughts on Windows 8 and what this new operating system means for the company.

Mr. Gates said that Windows 8 will take Windows into the world of touch and low-powered devices. He also stated that Windows 8 will allow people to enjoy their tablet as well as their PC experience. When quizzed about Windows 8 Phone, he said that the mobile and PC platform, on the Windows 8 front, will converge to allow for a seamless experience, given what Microsoft has in the pipeline with Microsoft Account, Windows Store and Office 2013.

The development tools for both platforms are shared as well, making it easier for programs to be ported with ease based on their platform requirements. Mr. Gates is currently the chairman of Microsoft but he is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.

(Source: Next at Microsoft)

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