Beware Of "Enable Dislike Button" Scam On Facebook

"Enable Dislike Button" Scam Spreading On Facebook

Many of us would welcome a "Dislike" button on Facebook, for it is very likely we might dislike a post as much as we fancy another. But till that day arrives, beware of this little scam which has been making its rounds on the social networking site.

ZDNet - Researchers from Sophos have spotted a currently circulating “Enable Dislike Button” Facebook scam. Upon clicking on the what looks like a recently added genuine Facebook feature, users are exposed to a “Follow the steps below to get the Dislike button” instructions page similar to the one seen in the Osama Execution video scam.

Do take heed for this scam can seem rather convincing. To find out more about this "Dislike" button shenanigan, click here.


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