Baidu Powered Dell Tablets

Baidu Powered Dell Tablets

According to a news report by Reuters, Dell Inc has just announced that it will partner with China's biggest name in search, Baidu.

And just what is the partnership about? Well tablets and mobiles of course. Given Dell's abysmal track record in producing these stuff, we're left wondering what's in it for either of them.

We know that Google isn't exactly well-received in China, or by its great firewall, so Google powered Android phones aren't going to be a very wise choice.

Baidu on the other hand is the search engine that those billion Chinese people use day-in and day-out, so a Baidu powered Android device could just be Dell's key required to penetrate the abundant but elusive Chinese market (there is already a Baidu Powered Chrome)

Or it could just turn out to be a big mistake -- on Baidu's part. The Dell Streak 5 giant phone / tablet was discontinued just last month, The Dell Venue, according to one of our resident smartphone experts isn't that much of a big deal either.

So until more information is available, we can only wait with bated breath what this union will bring us.

To read more, click here (Via Reuters)

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