ASUS Releases First AM3+ CPU Enabled Mobo Solution

ASUS Releases First AM3+ CPU Enabled Mobo Solution

ASUS today announced the release of the industry's first AM3+ CPU enabled motherboard solution based on the existing AMD 8-Series Chipsets.

ASUS provides options for users to be the first to enjoy AM3+

AMD’s new AM3+ CPU is a complete microarchitecture redesign from previous AMD CPUs, and offers better performance over the previous generation. As such, ASUS is committed to provide continuous support for the latest technologies, and is the first to market for a product solution for user’s needs. Current ASUS 890FX and 890GX series motherboards can be upgraded to enjoy the extra performance offered by future AM3+ CPUs. ASUS will also be releasing*** the AMD 8-Series Chipset motherboards based on 880G and 870 as well as the 760G Chipset with the AM3+ socket for increased selection so users can enjoy AM3 and AM3+ CPUs.

Current AMD 8-Series chipset based motherboards feature award-winning overclocking utilities, along with ASUS Core Unlocker which was widely recognized by global media at its debut while Turbo Unlocker offers real-time adjustments to enhance system performance. All utilities are designed to help the user achieve maximum performance from their systems.

*BIOS Upgradable Supported AM3 models:

AMD 890FX/SB850: Crosshair IV Extreme, Crosshair IV Formula, M4A89TD PRO/USB3, M4A89TD PRO


**Current BIOS update is a beta release. Please check the ASUS support site for continual updates.

***Upcoming ASUS M5A Series models (AM3+ socket with AMD 8-series chipsets):

AMD 880G: M5A88-V EVO, M5A88-M EVO, M5A88-M

AMD 870: M5A87

AMD 760G: M5A78L, M5A78L LE, M5A78L-M/USB3, M5A78L-M PLUS, M5A78L-M LE, M5A78L-M

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