ASUS Releases the Dual-Core GTX 590

ASUS Releases the Dual-Core GTX 590

The most powerful NVIDIA graphics card ever created with a dual-GPU model offers unmitigated gaming performance for hardcore enthusiasts

Presenting more graphics processing output than any single-board product developed to date, the ASUS GTX 590 uses dual NVIDIA GF110 cores. With ASUS exclusive Voltage Tweak to drive the card at 918MHz, it enables DirectX 11 gaming in the highest resolutions possible and with all details and effects turned on to maximum, as well as smooth and realistic 3D gaming and movies through NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround for three-screen displays.

Product Highlights:

  • Dual GF110 GPUs boost performance over the former top-of-the-line GTX 580 reference design, enhancing graphics processing capabilities for the strongest NVIDIA Fermi-based product delivered to date on a single circuit board. The large 3GB video memory allotment uses fast GDDR5 technology and a dual 384-bit memory interface for improved bandwidth and interconnectivity with other system components.
  • The ASUS GTX 590 uses a core that runs at 612MHz, making it the fastest NVIDIA dual-core graphics card ever launched. ASUS exclusive overvolting utility Voltage Tweak takes advantage of this new power, allowing users with aggressive cooling to push the card further for up to 50% faster clock speeds at 918MHz. This represents very noticeable enhancements to in-game smoothness and responsiveness.
  • Full support for NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround, driven by the capabilities of this dual-GPU card, easily handles full HD 3D output simultaneously on three displays.
  • Two GPUs balanced and optimized on a single board mean the GTX 590 offers more than double the power of the GTX 580, running in always-on 2-way SLI by default.
Model ENGTX590/3DIS/3GD5
Graphics engine NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590
Bus standard PCI Express 2.0
Video memory 3GB GDDR5
Engine clock 612MHz
CUDA cores 1024
Memory clock 3420MHz (855MHz GDDR5)
Memory interface 384-bit x 2
DVI max resolution 2560 x 1600
D-Sub max resolution 2048 x 1536
D-Sub output Yes X1 (via DVI-to-D-Sub adapter)
DVI output Native dual-link DVI-I X 3
HDCP compliant Yes
HDMI output Yes X1 (via DVI-to-HDMI adapter)
DisplayPort output Mini DisplayPort X 1


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