ASUS Padfone Leaked Before Computex Begins

ASUS Padfone Leaked Before Computex Begins

Have you seen a tablet that has a hidden compartment that allows a smartphone to be docked within? During Computex 2011, that might be a reality. Images of the upcoming ASUS Padfone reveals a smartphone / tablet hybrid unlike anything we've seen as of now. While details aren't clear at the moment, the Padfone does bring up some unique propositions, providing additional battery life to the smartphone and allowing a larger screen real estate with the smartphone docked within the tablet.

Slashgear - ASUS has been running quite the little teaser campaign, but the ASUS PadFone has leaked out somewhat ahead of schedule. Set to be launched at Computex 2011 tomorrow morning, the PadFone consists of an Eee Pad Transformer style slate with a section at the back that opens up to accept a smartphone. Once docked – with what looks to be HDMI and USB ports slotting into the side of the handset – the tablet offers a lot more screen real-estate and, we’re guessing, a fair chunk of added battery life.

As for the underlying operating system, it seems likely that ASUS will be running Google Android on this new piece of hardware. More importantly, with Google's announcement of its upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich and its aim to bridge the gap between smartphones and tablets, this could be the realization of the vision Google has for its hardware partners.

We'll be providing more updates and possibly some hands-on impressions of the ASUS Padfone during the ASUS press conference later. In the meantime, you can check out more images of the ASUS Padfone over here.

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