ASUS Launches its New Z77 Motherboard Series!

Gaming and Mainstream Motherboards

For gamers, ASUS has launched ROG Maximus V Gene, a micro-ATX board that is packed with exclusive features like the mPCIe Combo expansion card that allows the Maximus V Gene to be fitted with an mSATA SSD or/and a mini-PCIe add-on card. All these expansion efforts can be done without increasing the board's real estate.

The mainstream Z77-based offerings from ASUS are its P8Z77-V series. We have highlighted the workstation SKU of this series; now, let us take a look at ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe. This board has the usual offerings of a high-end board and it brought back memories of our past experiences (ASUS X79 motherboard technical seminar and our review of ASUS P8Z68-V Pro) with similar offerings from ASUS.

In our preview article, we speculated that the rest of the series would be fleshed out with fleshed out with Pro and Basic models in the near future; however, it turns out that ASUS has included SKUs like the P8Z77-V LX and P8Z77-V LE. The rest of the mainstream (P8) series are P8Z77-V Pro and P8Z77-V. According to information gleaned from ASUS' website, both P8Z77-V LX and P8Z77-V LE exclusively supports AMD quad-GPU CrossFireX technology, with no mention of support for NVIDIA SLI technology.

Another difference we noted is the LX and LE boards do not have additional on-board connectivity options like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Hence, we can safely conclude that these two boards make up the lowest end of this mainstream series.

Besides these mainstream ATX form factor boards, there are also boards in ITX and micro-ATX form factors that will be available for retail very soon. Please head to the official product website of ASUS for more delectable details.

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