ASUS Intends to Acquire ASRock (Rumored)

ASUS Intends to Acquire ASRock (Rumored)

ASUS is rumored to have made an offer to acquire ASRock. According to SemiAccurate, ASUS is said to be making a bid for the motherboard division of ASRock. ASRock’s parent company, Pegatron has allegedly approved ASUS' bid; however, there is no official word from both parties at this juncture.

If the efforts of ASUS come to fruition, it would consolidate the company's position as the largest motherboard manufacturer in terms of shipment volume. Gigabyte comes in second and both of them are known as the tier-one board manufacturers. ASRock, MSI and ECS are companies in the second rung while the gaps are filled by other niche players like EVGA.

It is interesting to note that this would be a homecoming of sorts for ASRock. In 2007 when its shares were first listed on the Taipei Stock Exchange, it was wholly owned by ASUS. The company was spun off by ASUS and it was picked up the Pegatron Corporation. SemiAccurate noted that with this possible consolidation, smaller players line EVGA would be squeezed out of this cut-throat manufacturing industry, leaving end-consumers with fewer choices for price comparison. Do watch this space for future developments.

(Source: SemiAccurate, Taipei Times via Wikipedia)

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