ASUS Announces Two New USB Audio Products

MS-100 USB Speakers & HS-W1 Wireless USB Headset

Crisp, clear and compact USB sound products that are easily packed for travel, as ideal notebook companions

SINGAPORE — ASUS has announced two new USB sound products, the MS-100 compact USB stereo speaker set, and HS-W1 wireless USB headset. Both are designed with sharp, striking looks, fantastic audio quality and a pure Plug ’n Play design, but with a minimal size that’s easily packed and to travel with.

MS-100 USB Speaker

The MS-100 is a compact stereo USB speaker set, powered entirely by a USB 2.0 (or 3.0) port, yet still capable of providing punchy sound without distortion. Its minimalist and strong Art Deco cone design mimics the classic speaker shape, making them a perfect feature for any home or office environment. Meanwhile inside, its large 54mm speaker drivers can generate up to 93dB of sound with less than 3% distortion for its rich highs, thumping mids and full low tones.

No additional software driver is required on Windows Vista or Windows 7 machines, making it suitable for any desktop or laptop that needs an immediate sound boost!

HS-W1 Wireless USB Headset

Providing clear, crisp sound in total comfort, the HS-W1 headset is built with large 70mm leather earpads for long lasting, natural comfort. The 2.4GHz wireless technology used with the HS-W1 headset allows CD quality sound (44.1KHz/16-bit, uncompressed) to be transmitted from the tiny USB dongle to the headset, while also offering twice the remote distance of Bluetooth audio. Combined with the acoustic tuned 40mm drivers with a built-in equalizer, it promotes voice tones and fine details, with a hint of extra bass punch where it’s needed.

The noise filtering microphone highlights speech tones, while its simple rotate-to-mute design is ideal compared to blindly searching for a small button while you’re on-call. The large on-ear volume controls also make it easily adjustable with a simple tap, without the hassle of a small and fiddly in-line remote.

With up to 8 hours operating time on its in-built rechargeable battery, the light 170g folding design and bundled touring case means the HS-W1 is an ideal travel companion.

HS-W1 Specifications
Wireless Technology Wi-Fi 2.4GHz advanced 2-way digital transmission
Distance of use Up to 15m
Headset Speaker 40mm, ultra-high performance
Headset Mic Noise cancellation clarity
Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz
Listening Time Up to 8 hours
Battery Type Lithium polymer
Dimensions 180 x 175 x 65mm
Weight 170g


MS-100 Specifications
Speaker Driver Dimension 54mm high performance
Frequency Response 100Hz~20KHz
RMS 2 x 1.5W
Power Supply 500mA powered by USB (power-adapter free)
Connection USB 2.0 (USB 3.0 compatible)
Dimensions 152 x 104 x 133mm


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