ASUS Announces Two New USB Audio Products

ASUS Announces Two New USB Audio Products

ASUS announces the MS-100 Compact USB Stereo Speaker set, and the HS-W1 Wireless USB Headset.

Powered entirely by a USB 2.0/3.0 port, the MS-100 is a compact stereo USB speaker set which has a strong Art Deco cone design which allows for it to be placed in any home or office. Its large 54mm speaker drives is capable of generating up to 93dB of sound with less than 3% distortion.

Built with large 70mm leather earpads for comfortable prolonged use, the 2.4GHz wireless technology used with the HS-W1 headset enables CD quality sound to be transmitted from the tiny USB dongle to the headset, while at the same time offering twice the remote distance of Bluetooth audio. Operating up to 8 hours on its in-built battery, the 170g light HS-W1 is foldable, making it ideal for the frequent traveller.

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